Interested in thought-provoking and thematically rich stories then take a plunge with Skinny Dipped Films.

We are a new company enthused with a passion for authentic and audacious storytelling. The Skinny Dipped slate combines an array of unique and fantastic stories; funny, human, heart-warming, moving, shocking and as scary as hell.

For the past decade we have been building strong relationships with and working alongside many amazing individuals and companies in the UK and US film and TV industries. But it’s time to take a leap and utilise our knowledge to produce our own brand of innovative content that inspires and entertains.

Our current slate contains thrilling dramas, controversial horrors, outrageous and heartfelt comedies, and an incendiary literary adaptation. Skinny Dipped’s mission is to make films and TV shows that truly matter and provide a window into our collective soul.

“Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.” Charlie Chaplin